Have You Discovered Your Authentic Presentation Personality™?

Presentation of ideas is conversation carried on at high voltage –  at once more
dangerous and more powerful
(Source: H. M. Boettinger)

I’ve always loved the rush of being on stage!

I am probably one of the few people who looks back fondly on childhood Easter and Christmas programs at church or school plays in elementary school.

My first professional presentation, however, came in the late 80’s when I got a job working for a company that developed brand names for new products, services and companies. The first client meeting I attended was held in English, so – without really warning me beforehand – our managing director decided that I – as the native speaker in the group – should present our proposals to the client. Of course I was nervous! But the natural performer in me kicked in and I put everything I had into making those brand name proposals comes to life – and laid a further cornerstone for my future as a passionate presenter and accomplished presentation skills trainer.

During the 15 years I later spent in advertising I presented in front of national and international audiences on a regular basis. Because of my reputation as a strong presenter, I was soon asked to put together a workshop on presentation skills for junior and mid-level staff throughout Middle Europe. In my naive quest to cover all the right bases, the written module became a virtual laundry list of all the ‘must-haves’ of a successful presentation, but when I began actually conducting the workshop, I very quickly discovered three essential facts:

  1. You can already get a lot of really great theoretical information on presenting from any decent book on the subject (or – in the meantime – online)
  2. BUT: Most people have no idea how they really look when they present
  3. AND: Most people – even in the communications industry! – receive very little or no direct feedback on their individual presentation performances.

These simple realizations eventually led to the creation of my Presentation Warrior™ workshops.

The Presentation Warrior™ workshops  provide people with the opportunity to actually see themselves present, and – via detailed 360° feedback  – give them realistic insight into the impression they make on an audience while they present. In addition, participants receive personalized tips on how to improve their unique impact as a presenter on a mission to convincingly sell their Big Business Ideas.

What began as a single training module has evolved into an entire series based on my own professional experiences, as well as insights and feedback from my participants. I’ve experienced so many resounding AHAs! during my workshops they could truly be made into a book unto themselves; either from people who have discovered some unknown side of themselves or – better still – see the huge improvement sometimes even the slightest modification in their behavior can make.

Of course, nothing can take the place of an opportunity to practice your presentation skills LIVE.

In the meantime, though, I would like to share some of my tips and experiences with you, as well as interesting best practice insights from presentation professionals I respect.

Trina Roach

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